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Where do I begin? The emmi-pet is outstanding! After years trying to find an effective teeth cleaning method my search is finally over! I have tried and tested every dental chew, treat, spray and even tried switching my three toy poodles to a raw food diet in the hope it would improve their smelly breath. You name it I tried it! Nothing seemed to work apart from taking them to the vets once a year to be put under anesthetic which was not only a costly procedure but carries risks which I worried about more as my dogs got older.

After only 2 months Shelley's smelly breath had returned! My vet assured me she was in perfect health and recommended I continue to attempt to manually brush her teeth everyday. This of course was easier said than done.  When you have dogs who run and hide at the mere sight of their manual toothbrushes and would struggle to no end making brushing a painfully daunting experience for both of us.

I researched and came across the emmi-pet and after reading all the positive reviews and seeing the before and after pictures I decided there and then I needed to try it! To say I was impressed would be an understatement! Quite simply I was amazed with the vast improvement after only one 5 minute session and the best part was they didn't seem to mind! In fact all three of my girls loved the toothpaste and were genuinely relaxed the entire time.  You see the emmi-pet is completely non invasive, it's silent and non vibrating plus you don't even brush their teeth! You simply hold the brush on each tooth for 10 seconds and let the ultrasound work its magic!

Ultrasound breaks down germs and bacteria on the surface of the teeth and gingiva such as plaque and tartar and can even clean deep inside fissures and gum pockets due to the ultrasound waves penetrating 12mm deep into surrounding tissues.  It also promotes a better blood circulation within the gingiva and acts prophylactically to avoid dental disease. 

It is safe to say my plight is over! I now enjoy cleaning my dog's teeth and more importantly so do they!

If you would like to know more about the Emmi- Pet then please don't hesitate to get in touch. My goal is to ensure you gain optimum results from your favourite new teeth cleaning system. You can place your order with me directly or you can order from my website.

The Emmi-Pet is revolutionising dental care for pets across the globe. Whether you're a groomer or pet owner I can assure you won't be disappointed!



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El fenómeno del ultrasonido

Limpieza dental mediante el ultrasonido original al 100% de Emmi-dent

Los cepillos de dientes eléctricos o ultrasónicos gozan cada vez de más estima y prometen higiene dental y limpieza dental profesional. Con sus sistemas únicos y patentados de cuidados dentales, Emmi-dent ha creado un estilo totalmente nuevo de limpieza e higiene dental. Esta tendencia se denomina ”Higiene dental óptima con ultrasonido original al 100%”. Con suavidad, sin movimiento, sin cepillar y sin desgaste. Esta limpieza dental con ultrasonido original al 100% se basa en una patente mundial: el Piezo-chip de ultrasonido de Emmi-dent. El Piezo-Chip se encuentra en el cabezal de la aplicación ultrasonórica y genera 96 millones de impulsos ultrasonóricos (vibraciones del aire) por minuto. El ultrasonido es derivado por medio de las cerdas del cepillo a la crema dentífrica desarrollada especialmente por Emmi-dent. De esta manera se producen microburbujas que implosionan por las vibraciones del aire. Mediente estas implosiones se eliminan de manera segura impurezas, restos de comida, sarro y bacterias. Aproveche la oportunidad única que le ofrece Emmi-dent para la limpieza dental diaria. Limpie sus dientes de manera profesional, cuide sus encías con suavidad y prevenga la creación de sarro, caries, inflamaciones y otros problemas dentales. La limpieza dental tiene un nuevo nombre – Emmi-dent!